Chad names Succès Masra as first Prime Minister under new Constitution

Chadian politician, Succès Masra, has been appointed as the inaugural Prime Minister under the newly instated Constitution of Chad, known as the 5th Republic.

The declaration was broadcasted nationally on January 1st, conveyed by Minister Mahamat Ahmad Alhabo. General Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno, who serves as the transitional president and head of state, formally signed Decree 012024 on January 1st, 204, designating Dr. Succès Masra as the Prime Minister and leader of the transitional government.

The leader of the “Les Transformateurs” party, Succès Masra, has not yet responded to his nomination.

This appointment follows the resignation of Saleh Kebzabo’s government on December 30. The preceding day, on December 29, military ruler Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno endorsed a new Constitution, which had been ratified in a referendum held on December 17.

Succès Masra, a longstanding figure in the opposition, made his return to Chad on November 3rd. His departure from the Sahelian nation, alongside other opposition figures, occurred after protests against military governance were met with forceful suppression last year.

Official reports cited approximately 50 fatalities during the protests, though the opposition and independent observers claimed that at least 300 individuals lost their lives on October 20, following the Transitional president’s reneging on his commitment to conduct elections, amidst a convulsed electoral context in Africa.

Masra’s return was facilitated by an agreement reached with the military regime, distinguishing him from the majority of Chad’s opposition, many of whom still remain in exile.

However, this agreement faced criticism from the rest of the opposition, alleging that it includes provisions for amnesty for those accountable for the fatalities during the previous year’s demonstrations.

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