Nigeria bans degrees from some African countries

Until this moment, Nigeria decided to deny accreditation for degrees coming from Kenya, Uganda, Benin, Togo and Niger.

Nigeria recently expanded its suspension of degree accreditation, encompassing Kenya and Uganda, following the earlier suspension affecting Benin and Togo.

Education Minister Tahir Mamman, in an interview on Channels Television, outlined the intention to widen this suspension, stating, “We are not stopping at Benin and Togo. We’re extending to countries like Uganda, Kenya, and even Niger, where similar institutions operate.”

This decision responds to findings of fraudulent qualifications from foreign degree mills, exposed by the Daily Nigerian. Journalist Umar Audu’s undercover investigation revealed obtaining a four-year degree from a Benin university in less than two months.

Education Minister Mamman emphasized a strict approach: “I hold no sympathy for holders of counterfeit certificates from foreign nations. They’re not victims but integral to criminal activities that warrant legal action.”

Nigeria has launched a formal investigation into ministries and agencies responsible for accrediting foreign academic qualifications. Minister Mamman stressed the aim is to protect Nigerian employers and uphold the integrity of domestic qualifications.

The government’s swift action aims to address the proliferation of counterfeit qualifications, spotlighted by the Daily Nigerian’s revelations. The extended suspension underscores Nigeria’s commitment to upholding the credibility of its educational system and shielding employers from potential fraudulent practices.

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