Nigerian army arrests soldiers over alleged civilian torture

The video was recorded in an unknown day in Rivers state.

Two Nigerian soldiers have been apprehended by the army following the emergence of a viral video depicting the alleged torture of a civilian.

In the video, one individual clad in military attire and another in civilian clothing are seen repeatedly kicking and whipping a shirtless man, who desperately pleads for mercy.

The army has expressed “utmost dismay” regarding the “unprofessional conduct” purportedly exhibited by the implicated officers. In an official statement on Wednesday, the army emphasized that the soldiers involved have been definitively identified and subsequently arrested.

The precise date of the alleged assault in Rivers state, Nigeria, remains unclear. The dissemination of the video on various social media platforms has triggered widespread condemnation over both the soldiers and the Nigerian army.

One user on X characterized the soldiers’ actions as “highly cruel, barbaric, and nothing but an abuse of power.” In response, the army has committed to a comprehensive investigation into the incident and has pledged to “sanction those involved.”

This development comes amid previous criticism from international human rights groups, which have accused Nigeria’s army of rights abuses, including torture, arbitrary arrests, and extrajudicial killings.

Historically, Nigerian soldiers were often perceived as acting with impunity, seldom facing disciplinary consequences for attacks on civilians. However, a shift has occurred in recent years under the leadership of Army Chief Taoreed Lagbaja, who assumed the role last year, vowing to instill discipline and professionalism within the military ranks.

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