Brazil calls the actions of Israel in Gaza a “genocide”

The government of Lula da Silva decided to support the lawsuit of South Africa against Israel.

In a significant decision, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula) has announced Brazil’s support for South Africa’s move to petition the International Court of Justice, labeling the actions of the Israeli government in the Gaza Strip as “genocide.”

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry Mauro Vieira, citing “flagrant violations of international humanitarian law,” expressed backing for the initiative, urging the International Court of Justice to order Israel to cease actions that could constitute genocide or related crimes.

The statement emphasizes Brazil’s continued advocacy for a two-state solution, envisioning an economically viable Palestinian State coexisting peacefully with Israel within mutually agreed and internationally recognized borders, encompassing the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, with East Jerusalem as the capital.

Lula’s position emerged following a meeting with the Palestinian ambassador in Brasilia, Ibrahim Alzeben, where they discussed the plight of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank amid the ongoing crisis lasting over three months.

While acknowledging Brazil’s swift condemnation of Hamas terrorist attacks in October 2023, Lula asserted that such actions shouldn’t justify Israel’s indiscriminate, recurrent, and disproportionate use of force, resulting in over 23,000 casualties, predominantly women and children, with 7,000 people reported missing. The President advocated for a ceasefire, the release of Hamas-held hostages, and the establishment of humanitarian corridors to protect civilians.

Highlighting Brazil’s active role during its presidency of the Security Council, Lula underlined the nation’s commitment to pursuing a diplomatic resolution to the conflict.

This statement marks a significant departure in Brazil’s stance on the Israel-Palestine issue during Bolsonaro’s presidency, characterized for close ties with Israel.

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