US Supreme Court to decide in February Trump’s 2024 candidacy

In a groundbreaking move, the United States Supreme Court is poised to weigh the pivotal question of Donald Trump’s eligibility for the 2024 presidential race.

Donald Trump smiling
Photo courtesy: Gage Skidmore

The United States Supreme Court has announced its intention to review a momentous case determining the eligibility of Donald Trump to run for president in 2024.

This decision by the justices revolves around Trump’s appeal contesting Colorado’s move to exclude him from the state’s 2024 ballot. Scheduled for a hearing in February, the court’s ruling will carry nationwide implications.

Legal battles across multiple states seek to disqualify Mr. Trump, asserting his involvement in the Capitol riot three years ago as grounds. Central to these challenges is an interpretation of a Civil War-era constitutional amendment, questioning Trump’s eligibility based on its prohibition of individuals who’ve participated in insurrection or rebellion from holding federal office.

Arguing against his disqualification, Mr. Trump’s legal team contends that the 14th Amendment should not apply to a sitting president. They maintain that the decision made by Colorado’s Supreme Court would unlawfully disenfranchise millions of voters and could set a precedent impacting tens of millions nationwide.

The recent 4-3 split decision by Colorado’s highest court marked a historic instance, employing the 14th Amendment to bar a presidential candidate from appearing on the ballot, an unprecedented action in American history.

Presently positioned as the leading Republican candidate for a potential rematch against Democratic President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election, Trump faces parallel challenges in Maine, Minnesota, Michigan, and pending cases in Oregon.

While legal actions involving Trump focus on his alleged attempts to undermine the 2020 election, notably in federal and state courts in Georgia, criminal charges related to inciting insurrection have not been formally brought against him.

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