Kim Jong Un orders North Korea’s accelerated war readiness

Amid perceived aggressive actions by the U.S., North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has directed the military, munitions industry, and nuclear sector to hasten war preparations, aiming to counter these moves, as reported by state media on Thursday.

Kim Jong Un, president of North Korea
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Kim Jong Un outlined strategic plans during a pivotal meeting of the ruling party, emphasizing the need to expand cooperation with “anti-imperialist independent” nations, while emphasizing the urgency for accelerated war readiness within the People’s Army, munitions, nuclear, and civil defense sectors, as per KCNA.

This escalation in military preparedness comes against the backdrop of North Korea strengthening diplomatic ties, notably with Russia. Simultaneously, allegations from Washington suggest North Korea’s involvement in supplying military equipment to Moscow amid its conflict with Ukraine. Russia, in turn, has been aiding North Korea’s military advancements.

Kim Jong Un agenda also extended to economic objectives for the year, labeling it a pivotal period to achieve the nation’s five-year development plan. He outlined specific strategies for key industries and emphasized the need to bolster agricultural production to ensure stability in food supplies.

North Korea’s history of food shortages, exacerbated by natural disasters and compounded by pandemic-induced border closures, has been a persistent concern. Although crop output saw a rise in 2023 due to favorable weather, it remains insufficient to address the nation’s chronic food deficiencies.

The 9th plenary meeting of the 8th central committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, commencing on Tuesday, encapsulated a significant year for North Korea. The nation cemented nuclear policy in its constitution, launched a reconnaissance satellite, and test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile.

Traditionally, such gatherings serve as a platform for critical policy declarations, indicative of North Korea’s priorities. Previously, Kim’s New Year’s Day speech had been unveiled through state media during these assemblies.

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