Myanmar junta forces compulsory military service

The junta in Myanmar has taken another step to tighten its grip on power by announcing that it will activate the People’s Military Service Law, imposing mandatory conscription for all men aged 18-35 and women aged 18-27 and requiring to serve at least two years in the military.

The junta in Myanmar announced on Saturday (Feb 10) that it would enforce the People’s Military Service Law, which requires all men aged 18-35 and women aged 18-27 to serve at least two years in the military. This comes amid ongoing opposition to the 2021 coup, which has caused widespread instability in the country.

The move is likely to strengthen the junta’s hold on power. The statement did not give much detail, but said that the defence ministry would soon issue the necessary regulations, procedures, announcements, orders, notifications, and instructions for the implementation.

The junta’s information team said in a statement that the People’s Military Service Law was “effective from February 10th, 2024.”

The law, which was first introduced by a previous junta in 2010, had never been activated before. It stipulates that during a state of emergency, the military service terms can be extended to five years, and those who fail to comply with the summons can be jailed for the same period.

The military junta declared a state of emergency when it took power in 2021, and has recently extended it for another six months.

The move has been widely condemned, as it not only consolidates the junta’s power but also raises fears of power abuse and human rights violations.

With pro-democracy protests turning into armed resistance, the junta’s imposition of mandatory military service adds more challenges to the country’s tense political situation.

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