NATO rules out sending troops to Ukraine

The Kremlin warned that if NATO allies were to station troops in Ukraine, a direct confrontation would be unavoidable.

NATO sources have communicated to EFE news agency that the alliance does not intend to deploy combat forces in Ukraine, despite discussions on the matter by leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron.

“NATO, along with its member countries, has been providing significant military assistance to Ukraine since 2014, which was increased following Russia’s full-scale invasion. However, the deployment of NATO combat troops within Ukraine is not planned,” the sources clarified.

French President Macron, while not dismissing the idea of sending military personnel to Ukraine to prevent a Russian victory, emphasized the need to recall the nature of the conflict as Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine, which is a clear breach of international law.

The sources reiterated that under international law, Ukraine is entitled to defend itself and that NATO has the right to support Ukraine in its defense, which they are doing and plan to continue.

During a meeting in Paris with approximately twenty leaders to discuss Ukraine’s situation, Macron mentioned the potential deployment of troops. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico suggested this action, and although it wasn’t widely endorsed, it sparked significant discussion at the meeting. Macron highlighted the importance of taking all necessary steps to prevent a Russian triumph in the conflict.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, on the other hand, confirmed that the deployment of European or NATO forces to engage in combat within Ukraine is not under consideration, maintaining the stance that no ground troops from European or NATO countries will be sent to Ukraine.

Similarly, Hungary has stated it will not send troops or provide weapons to Ukraine, which is under attack by Russia.

The Kremlin warned that if NATO allies were to station troops in Ukraine, a direct confrontation with NATO would be unavoidable.

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