UK tested a new high-power military laser

The system is seen as a cost-effective weapon to face drones and other aerial objectives.

The British Ministry of Defense reported that it has carried out a successful test of a new high-power laser system against an aerial target, which could serve as an alternative to the current expensive air defense systems, which are ineffective against low-cost drones.

The DragonFire system has the precision necessary to hit a pound coin from a kilometer away. It has now been successfully tested at a firing range on the Hebrides Islands, in Scotland, which represents a “big step” towards its military use.

The British Minister of Defence, Grant Shapps, has highlighted that this technology reduces “dependence on expensive ammunition and reduces the risk of collateral damage.” “British military scientists have for the first time shot down drones using a laser that passes through targets at the speed of light.”

“This weapon, which can be fitted to future warships, will be vital for the UK in the face of the growing threat of drone warfare. DragonFire is just one of the potentially revolutionary capabilities we are investing in to gain the advantage against our enemies.” Shapps wrote in his X account.

The DragonFire could soon be integrated into the defense system of the Army and the Navy, London has highlighted, which would join the United States, which already has this technology in several Navy destroyers.

Currently, missiles and anti-aircraft projectiles used in conflicts such as Yemen or Ukraine cost much more than the drones they shoot down, which is why several countries are investigating more effective alternatives.

The DragonFire in particular has already received investments of 100 million pounds (about 127 million dollars).

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