Hezbollah launches more than a hundred rockets to Israel

Hezbollah stated that it will not stop missile launches until Israel ends the war in Gaza.

The conflict between Israel and the Lebanese Shia militia Hezbollah, which has been ongoing since October, following the war with the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza, experienced one of its worst escalations on Tuesday. More than a hundred rockets were launched towards Israeli territory, and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes targeted the eastern part of Lebanon.

“In response to the rocket launches towards Israel by the Hezbollah terrorist organization this morning, fighter jets attacked two of its command centers in the Baalbek area, deep inside Lebanon,” said an Israeli military statement on Tuesday, confirming bombings also in Bint Jbeil (south).

“Hezbollah is ready and prepared for any expansion of the fighting,” a member of the militia told the Qatari newspaper Al-Araby Al-Jadid on Tuesday, adding that their offensive response “will be stronger” than that of the Israeli troops.

Far from calming the clashes, Israel confirmed new airstrikes and artillery attacks during Tuesday afternoon against “Hezbollah infrastructure and military installations” in southern Lebanon, said a spokesperson, following missile launches against the northern Israeli region of Galilee.

“We are committed to the diplomatic process, but Hezbollah’s aggression is bringing us closer to a critical point in our military decision-making,” warned Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant last week, amid increasing fears of a new war, the first since the 2006 conflict between both countries.

Hezbollah stated that it will not stop missile launches until Israel ends the war in Gaza. Since October 8, at least 340 people have died in this border fire, the majority on the Lebanese side and among Hezbollah ranks, with 233 militia casualties, some occurring in Syria. However, at least seven civilians have also died in Israel and around 50 civilians in Lebanon.

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