Iran presented 100 new warships and raised concern in the West

In response to escalating tensions in maritime regions, particularly the Red Sea, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has significantly bolstered its naval capabilities by introducing around 100 warships.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has bolstered its naval presence by adding approximately 100 warships, including the introduction of the Abu-Mahdi al-Muhandis ship, equipped with a 2,000 nautical mile range and stealth capabilities to evade radar detection. These enhancements in their naval force come amidst the ongoing crisis in the Red Sea.

The area has been significantly impacted by the activities of the Houthis, a group aligned with Tehran and considered a terrorist organization by the United States. The Houthis have been involved in numerous attacks on commercial vessels in support of Hamas, further complicating the situation.

The unveiling of these new vessels occurred during an event in Bandar Abbas, where top officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, including General Hossein Salamí and Ali Reza Tangsirí, showcased the advancements. Notable additions among the new weaponry include ships from the Tareq and Ashura classes, armed with medium-range missiles, and multiple patrol boats.

Additionally, the Marine Force of the Revolutionary Guard has introduced approximately 30 fast boats equipped with rocket launchers, as reported by the PressTV television network.

Tensions have escalated in both the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, partly due to past incidents involving attacks on oil tankers and cargo ships. These conflicts have arisen amid the strained relations between Iran and the United States, primarily due to the latter’s sanctions on Iranian oil sales.

The current situation in the Red Sea has further exacerbated tensions, with Yemen’s Houthis, supported by Tehran, targeting and seizing commercial ships affiliated with Israel or destined for the country. These actions are seen as retaliation against Israel’s operations against the Hamas group in Gaza.

The developments in naval reinforcement by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard add a new dimension to the ongoing regional tensions and raise concerns about the potential escalation of conflicts in crucial maritime zones.

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