Israel says Hamas is developing guided missiles with Iran aid

During a recent operation in Gaza City, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says they made significant findings that suggest potential advancements in weaponry development by Hamas, marking a notable departure from previous assessments of the group’s capabilities.

Hamas rocket
Photo courtesy: paffairs_sanfrancisco

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have announced a significant discovery during an operation conducted by the Nahal Brigade in Gaza City. The operation, focused on the neighborhoods of Daraj and Tuffah, yielded findings pointing to Hamas’ potential development of guided cruise missiles under the direction of Iran.

Specifically, the IDF said that it has uncovered advanced technological equipment believed to be utilized by Hamas in the creation of guided cruise missiles. This revelation marks a significant departure from previous assessments of Hamas’ capabilities, suggesting a newfound capacity to construct precise weaponry.

According to the IDF, a key discovery during the operation was a tunnel shaft leading to an underground weapons manufacturing facility. Within this space, components indicative of the development of guided cruise missiles were found. The IDF has asserted that these findings offer evidence of Hamas’ collaboration with Iranian mentors to acquire the expertise necessary for producing precision components and strategic armaments.

The visual evidence presented by Israeli forces includes images purportedly showcasing a rocket motor and the warhead of a cruise missile in the developmental stages.

Notably, Hamas, known primarily for possessing guided anti-tank missiles, small short-range explosive drones, and unmanned submarines carrying improvised explosive devices, had not previously exhibited the capability to manufacture long-range guided missiles.

While Hamas has previously handled portable anti-aircraft missiles, these have not proven effective against Israeli aircraft. Despite the significance of this discovery, uncertainties persist regarding whether Hamas has deployed these guided missiles or if they were solely in the developmental phase.

Of particular concern is the collaboration between Hamas and Iran, as indicated by the IDF’s findings. This partnership raises apprehensions about the transfer of military knowledge and technology within the region. The discovery underscores the potential for heightened tensions in the area should armed groups like Hamas successfully leverage advanced technology in future conflicts.

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