Lebanese missile kills mother and son in Northern Israel

A guided missile from Lebanon claimed the lives of a 76-year-old woman and her son in northern Israel.

In northern Israel, a 76-year-old woman and her 40-year-old son lost their lives on Sunday due to a guided missile launched from Lebanon. This tragic incident occurred shortly after the Israeli military announced the killing of four heavily armed militants attempting to enter Israel from Lebanon.

The fatal anti-tank missile struck a house in Kfar Yuval, an agricultural collective near the Lebanese border. A 74-year-old man from the same farming family was wounded in the attack. In response, the Israeli military reported targeting Hezbollah locations in Lebanon.

The ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah have intensified, particularly amidst Israel’s more than three-month-long conflict with Palestinian Hamas in Gaza.

The confrontation developed about 15 km (10 miles) northeast of Kfar Yuval, where Israeli forces claimed to have killed four militants attempting to infiltrate from Lebanon earlier on Sunday. The militants were reported to be armed with rifles, anti-tank missiles, grenades, and RPGs, with their specific affiliation remaining unknown according to an Israeli military official.

This marks the most intense cross-border engagement between Israel and Hezbollah since their conflict in 2006.

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