Biden confident for a ceasefire in Gaza during Ramadan

A potential framework agreement is being discussed by representatives from the US, Egypt, and Qatar.

President Joe Biden sitting and thinking with the gaze down.

US President Joe Biden indicated that Israel is open to halting its military operations against Hamas in Gaza during Ramadan, contingent upon a deal for the release of hostages held by the group.

A potential framework agreement is being discussed by representatives from the US, Egypt, and Qatar. This agreement could lead to Hamas releasing some captives in return for Palestinian prisoners and a six-week cessation of hostilities. During this ceasefire, further negotiations are expected to take place regarding the remaining hostages.

There has been no immediate response from Israel following President Biden’s disclosure of these discussions.

The onset of Ramadan, anticipated to begin around March 10, is seen as an informal deadline for establishing a ceasefire. Ramadan is a significant period of religious observance for Muslims worldwide, marked by fasting from sunrise to sunset.

President Biden expressed optimism for a ceasefire to be implemented by next week, which would allow continued dialogue on the exchange of the remaining hostages and other detainees.

While President Biden has not advocated for a complete cessation of the conflict initiated by Hamas’ attack on October 7, he acknowledged the possibility of an Israeli ground assault on Rafah, a city on the Egypt-Gaza border. This has led to a mass evacuation of residents from the Gaza Strip.

Concerns have been raised internationally about the humanitarian implications of a potential ground invasion in Rafah. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu views such an operation as a necessary part of the strategy against Hamas.

President Biden noted a reduction in Israeli airstrikes on Rafah and mentioned commitments to evacuate significant areas of the city before any further military action to dismantle Hamas infrastructure, describing it as an ongoing process.

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