Ukraine strikes back: Drones hit Russian oil refinery

A source in Kyiv revealed that two Ukrainian attack drones hit the main oil refinery in southern Russia on Saturday, in a bid to disrupt the fuel supply and income of the Russian military-industrial complex.

A Kyiv source told to our colleagues of Reuters that two Ukrainian attack drones hit the main oil refinery in southern Russia on Saturday, as part of a series of long-range attacks on Russian oil facilities.

The Volgograd refinery, owned by oil producer Lukoil (LKOH.MM), opens new tab, was hit by a drone attack that caused a fire, which was later put out by local authorities in Russia. The refinery said it was operating normally.

The source said the SBU security service operation targeted the primary processing facility, which could affect the refinery’s production capacity significantly.

Ukrainian officials rarely admit publicly to deep strike attacks on Russian territory. The Volgograd refinery is among the latest facilities to be attacked by drones. Kyiv considers such infrastructure vital for the Kremlin’s war effort.

The source said the drone attacks would go on.”By targeting oil refineries that serve the Russian military-industrial complex, we disrupt the fuel supply logistics for the enemy’s equipment and reduce the income of the Russian budget,” the source said.

The distance from the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv near the Russian border to the southern Russian city of Volgograd is over 600km.

Russia has been launching regular long-range missile attacks on Ukraine since it started its full-scale invasion, forcing Kyiv to look for ways to bridge the gap with Moscow’s superior military technology.

Ukraine has tried to boost innovation in drone technology and to support the production of long-range drones to enable it to retaliate.

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