US considers sending troops to Haiti

“We are prepared if our Department of State and the Department of Defense ask us to,” said General Laura Richardson.

The head of the US Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, did not rule out the deployment of forces to Haiti as part of “an international solution” to address the spiral of violence in the Caribbean country.

“I believe that an international solution, a solution that also includes the perspective of Haiti, is very important. That is why I do not believe that an exclusive solution from the United States is where we should be heading,” the general stated during an event at the American think tank Atlantic Council in Washington.

The Biden administration is “trying to do exactly that: work on an international solution,” she added. When asked if US forces could be part of the international solution, Richardson replied, “They could be, we wouldn’t rule it out at any time” considering “what is happening in that country.”

“We are prepared if our Department of State and the Department of Defense ask us to,” she added.

Kenya pledged to send police officers to lead an international security mission supervised by the UN, but suspended it until a transitional presidential council is formed, which will lead the country following the resignation of the controversial Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Haiti, which was already experiencing a deep political and security crisis, has been plunged into a new episode of violence since the beginning of the month, when several gangs controlling parts of Port-au-Prince joined forces to attack strategic locations in the capital.

Yesterday, an attack on the central bank in Port-au-Prince was repelled and several assailants were killed.

The Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH) is one of the few institutions that have not fled the city center, where several gangs operate freely. A group of gang members attacked its premises on Monday, said a BRH source who preferred to remain anonymous.

“Our security agents, along with the police and the army, repelled the attack. Between three and four bandits were killed,” the person said. One of the BRH security guards was shot and wounded, they added.

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