Irish PM Leo Varadkar resigns

The decision, which also affects his leadership in the Fine Gael party, is for both personal and political reasons, Varadkar said.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar confirmed this Wednesday that he will resign from leading the coalition government, as he feels he is no longer “the best person for the job” or for ensuring the re-election of the tripartite alliance in the upcoming elections.

The decision, which also affects his leadership in the Fine Gael party, is for both personal and political reasons, he said in a public appearance after meeting with his cabinet.

Varadkar emphasized that he will continue to lead until the Government and Fine Gael choose his successor in both roles.

“I believe the re-election of this tripartite Government will be right for the future of our country,” said Varadkar, 45, of Indian origin and openly homosexual, indicating that a new Taoiseach (Prime Minister) will be better positioned to achieve the goal.

Varadkar defended the work of the coalition government between Fine Gael conservatives, Fianna F√°il centrists, and the Green Party, a government of which he has been a part since 2020, the first two years as deputy prime minister and the last two as Taoiseach.

His decision has surprised his colleagues, although it comes two weeks after the surprising defeat of the government’s proposal in two referendums aimed at modernizing the concept of family and the role of women in society.

According to analysts, the three coalition parties do not expect Varadkar’s resignation to trigger early general elections, initially scheduled for 2025.

The Fine Gael leader was elected as a deputy in 2007 and previously held the position of Taoiseach from 2017 to 2020.

He recently stated that he would leave politics when he turned 50.

However, the decision to resign from both positions has taken much of his parliamentary group by surprise, according to experts today.

“I know this has been a surprise for many and a disappointment for me, but I hope they understand my decision. There is never a right time to leave a high office, so this is as good as any,” he noted.

Varadkar assured that medium-term stability is ensured with the approval, for example, of the budgets for 2024, while also expressing the opinion that the next Prime Minister and leader of Fine Gael will have enough time to prepare for the local and European elections in June and the general elections of 2025.

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